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Time is your most scarce and valuable resource.

If you're an exec, you spend about 50% of it in meetings. Middle management? 35%. Most employees: 62 meetings a month.

Half of those meetings are considered a waste of time. That adds up to 31 unproductive hours per person, per month.

Are you measuring the value of time spent and lost in meetings?

You track office expenses, bank balances, sales pipelines, website conversions... but you aren't measuring something that costs $1000 per meeting in salaries for a small business, $75 million per year in a Fortune 50 company, and $37 BILLION every year across America.

"What's Measured, Improves."

- Peter Drucker

You can't manage what you don't measure. Measurement brings awareness to a problem and the results of change. Quiik is a data-driven process that helps business managers improve the performance of their meetings.

Seems simple? It is, but the results are incredible. Don't just take our word for it. Check out this link on the subject.

What you measure and report will improve faster.

Quiik provides an iterative, data-driven process to engage people in measuring and reporting on the value of meetings, testing different methods to improve them, and measuring those results.

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There are thousands of websites and books on how to run good meetings. Do you have the time to read them? If you did... did anything work? We'd love to hear if it did! If not - we've got a LOT of ideas for measuring and automating meetings to make them better. What really matters is what YOU think.

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